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Located in the ancient mediaeval Herzegovinian town of Pocitelj, the International Art Colony offers the artist a very specific oriental atmosphere, extraordinary peace and inexhaustible source of inspiration as well as ideal infrastructure for their stay. The basic activities that artist can get engaged with while they are staying at the Colony are: drawing, painting, modeling, sculpturing, and printmaking. The Colony is located in the premises of the Gavrankapetanovic’s residence. It has six four-bed rooms with toilets and bathrooms, atelier, lobby, dining room with kitchen, internal court-yard, external court-yard and a gallery. The complete complex is surrounded by the stone wall.
Upon agreement and reservation with the Management, the Colony is at the disposal of the organized groups of artists (who first make a reservation for their stay) who can then use the accommodation facilities, restaurant, atelier, work in the nature as well as go on trips to the nearby touristic destination of Dubrovnik, Medjugorje, Mostar, Mogorjelo, Stolac, Hutovo blato, etc.
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