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The International Art Colony Pocitelj was established in 1964. The Association of Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the owner and founder of the Art Colony Pocitelj. Within the scope of its work, the Colony gathers artists from the whole country as well as from all over the world. In the area of an extraordinary beauty, miraculous environment and noneveryday creative atmosphere, the artists- painters, sculptors and printmakers- get together, exchange experiences and make contacts.


Thousands of artists, writers, critics, actors and other cultural workers from Italy, England, Denmark, France, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Holand, USA, Japan, Mexico, China, etc. have participated in the programmes of the Colony. They donated their works- paintings, prints, sculptures- to the benefit of an extremely valuable art collection, i.e. holdings of the International Art Colony Pocitelj.


old map of Počitelj

 The Colony had been devastated during the war (1992-1995), but with great efforts of the AVAB&H and understanding of the Government of the Federation of B&H it was renewed in 2003. Every first Sunday in the month of June artists and devotee of Pocitelj gather in the Colony Pocitelj at the traditional manifestation ”Cherry Sunday”. Throughout the year the Association organizes working colonies, which is of a great interest to the artists from all over the world.

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